INCON Presentation


Technology solutions that support event marketing


Event & Date of Presentation

IMEX Inspiration Hub, 22 May 2019

Presentation summary

Collecting data on the one hand and being able to analyze, understand and leverage that data on the other is crucial to all event marketeers. In this session, you will learn about the new technology solutions that support more effective event marketing strategies in a data driven and data compliant world.

Learning outcomes / take-away points

  1. Learn how to access and use publicly available data about delegates

  2. Learn how to engage delegates as multipliers

  3. Learn how to use tech systems to improve the delegate journey

About the Presenter



Sebastian has had a broad and exciting career in technology before joining the events industry. He previously worked as Software Developer, Software Architect and Head of Development for Online Gaming and E-Commerce companies, like Bigpoint, Goodgame Studios, ABOUT YOU (OTTO Group). His career has evolved since joining CPO HANSER SERVICE, from Technology, Business Development, Marketing and Process Design to planning and developing a new Congress Management software. A natural leader, Sebastian loves diverse, international, independent and self-directed teams. He is an active participant in the INCON technology collaboration group which unites technology teams from around the world. Bringing all these experiences together, leveraging and innovating technology to advance delegate engagement and marketing in meetings and events are his deep motivators and drivers.