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3E of Digital Marketing for Events: Evaluation, Engagement & Experience


Event & Date of Presentation

INCON Booth IMEX Frankfurt, 23 May 2019

Presentation summary

What has changed over the years with respect to Event Marketing? What made it possible to shift from the traditional Marketing Mix composed by the 4P (Product, Place, Prize, Promotion) to the more actual 3E (Evaluation, Engagement, Experience)?

More and more businesses need events as their ultimate marketing tool to showcase their products or services, but above all to promote their brand. In fact, connections between business and audience are mainly virtual and happen in the digital world, but meeting face to face still remains the most human way to connect with a brand and to live the experience of the brand first-hand. Here is where Events still show up in the scene! It’s now up to Digital Marketing to activate the connection between a virtual relationship with an experiential one, because it allows to market the idea of the event experience to the target audience before it happens! In addition to that, it is crucial to understand which are the steps to take when setting up a Digital Marketing Strategy: this process goes through phases of data analysis, evaluation of situations, understanding of the audience and its preferences, etc..  It’s only after several sessions of brainstorming and study, that a winning strategy can be created! Finally, it is fundamental to always keep up with transformations of digital marketing processes, which have never been so changeable and dynamic. Understanding the future of Event Marketing prepares our Industry to the challenges to come!

Learning outcomes / take-away points

  1. How to use digital marketing to improve your event engagement and experience.

  2. How to make the connection between a virtual relationship an experiential one.

  3. How to market the idea of the event experience to the target audience before it happens!

About the Presenter

Giulia Ineke, AIM Group International


Giulia has been active in the Meetings Industry since she was 17. She worked at congresses and events as a hostess during School and University and later graduated with merit with a thesis on the German Meetings Industry Approach to Sustainability. Her passion for the industry brought her to have a one-year experience at a small DMC and Event Management Company in Milan, assisting the team with the organization of VIP weddings, corporate events and leisure travel. After that she joined AIM Group International, premier company in the organization of congresses, events and communication at a global level. She assisted the Marketing & Sales division first, while learning Corporate Communication skills on the job. Three years have gone since she joined the Company and she is now Marketing & Communication Specialist. Moreover, she is an active member of the MARCOM team at INCON, International Conference Partnership; one of the IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organizers) Engineers and recipient of the PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) 20InTheirTwenties Class 2019 Recognition.

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