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Festivalisation of Events


This week Antonio Novaes from INCON Partner: MCI Group showcased new event and engagement models in two education sessions at IMEX Frankfurt all about “Festivalisation of Events”.

Antonio Novaes , Asset Development Director / Diretor Geral da Campus Party Brasil  MCI Brazil

Antonio Novaes, Asset Development Director / Diretor Geral da Campus Party Brasil
MCI Brazil

Association audiences are getting younger and they can network from their device at any time. They no longer have to wait for the annual event to connect with their peers, learn, exchange or even get their certification. Relying on the traditional and familiar approaches will not be sufficient to fulfil these changing and more demanding audiences. So we need to create and offer new event offerings.

Festivalisation of meetings is a convergence of live user experiences and human-machine interfaces. In the last few years, the trend has increased significantly; and associations are starting to see it as way to better engage their communities.

Finding a balance between what is perceived to have worked in the past with what needs to change for the future is hard. But if done right, it will boost engagement, drive conversation and create an experience which people will recall and share with others. And without knowing it, they will contribute to spreading the message and influencing others through their own experience.

To learn more about the Festivalisation concept, consult our latest expert article.


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