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Mastering the Algorithm of Meaningful Exhibitions


A successful exhibition starts with flawless design and seamless management. But the logistics themselves aren’t enough. Empowering exhibitors, sponsors and attendees to engage in relevant interactions is paramount to driving value and quality results. Yet, considering the ongoing transformation of the events industry and growing expectations regarding tech-powered experiences, it’s difficult to keep up the pace and deliver an innovative approach to exhibition management.

In this expert article, INCON brings you perspectives from Kristofer Herlitz, managing director of the New York Office of INCON’s partner company: AIM Group International. Herlitz, a long-standing expert in exhibitions, meetings and events, explains: “As an event professional, the overwhelming demands you might experience can lead you to lose sight over the core reasons why you’re planning an exhibition in the first place. Now that we live in the era of data, technology and revenue impact, you have the tools at your fingertips to avoid unnecessary planning and expensive solutions.”. In the article, Herlitz provides his insights on the stakeholder approach that is needed to guide event planners and clients to create meaningful exhibitions.

This article is No.37 in a series of expert articles brought to you by INCON.

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