INCON Expert Guide 03

5 Reasons Why We Need Face-to-face Meetings

There’s no shortage of articles and guides on how to run live meetings or broadcast events via Facebook and YouTube. From Eventbrite to Livestream, they give you tips on how to engage remote audiences and efficiently adapt to new digital technologies…

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INCON Expert Guide 02

Recommended process for selecting your Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) or Event Manager

Appointing a new service provider can be time consuming, costly and divert staff and volunteer resources for those submitting RFPs. What is a challenge for those receiving these generic RFPs is the time it takes to provide quality feedback and give the organization what it really needs to make a productive decision…

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INCON Expert Guide 01

International Meetings: 10 Steps to Success

The global nature of business and of the meetings industry has created a growing demand for international conferences and events. As a dynamic partnership of leading companies providing consistency and continuity in the areas of conference, event and destination management, INCON has a wealth of experience in planning and delivering international events…

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