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How to Make Your Event Attractive for Millennials


Here they are… the young professionals scrolling through their social media feeds while waiting to check in for an event. “Lazy,” “entitled,” “avocado toast lovers”—this is how Millennials are often portrayed. What an anomaly! This young generation is super well educated, curious, tech savvy and demanding. Hard to figure out and even harder to satisfy and attract to events due to the abundance of choices served to them every day. The generational turnover among congress participants is already underway so we need to get our strategies in place.

INCON brings together the leading global conference and association management companies. In this article, we have consulted our event and education experts to provide you with some tactics on how to make your event attractive to millennials. Our article provides some useful advice around the following themes:

  1. High-quality content and insights

  2. The right to choose what to promote

  3. Diversity and inclusivity

  4. Collective experience

  5. Eco-friendly and sustainable

  6. Meaningful networking

  7. Experiential design

  8. Engaging with the local community

Angela Guillemet, INCON Executive Director, shares her thoughts on the matter: “Planning events for Millennials is just like planning events for other generations. The same amount of effort goes into the logistics, and the same challenges occur in both cases. The only difference between Millennials and other generations is their passion for authentic experiences that are aligned with their values. Surely if we get it right for this new demographic it will benefit us all”

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