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Choosing the best speaker for an event


Successful events deliver unique, memorable experiences for event attendees, often with key, practical lessons which can be applied either at work or at home. INCON worked with Speaker’s Corner to deliver a new Executive Education session for the INCON leadership this year. Our speaker Adam Kingl who addressed strategic innovation, educated us, challenged us and inspired us to look at our management styles with a fresh perspective.

In the latest INCON expert article, Speaker’s Corner shares their perspectives on choosing the right speaker for your event. The best speaker may not always be the right speaker, so we’ve come up with 5 tips you can use when identifying a speaker for your next event:

  1. Know the aims of your event

  2. Get the most out of your speaker

  3. Build momentum

  4. Provide the right environment

  5. The aftermath

Nick Gold Speakers Corner MD explains: "an event should remain in the memory of everyone who attended and it should have a lasting impact that motivates and inspires the delegates. It should leave them with thoughts, feelings and ideas about what they can be do differently, or better, to improve themselves and their company. When conference organisers and speaker’s corner work hand in hand they can ensure that quality speakers are delivered to ensure inspiring experiences for every event attendee."

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