Leadership change at INCON

INCON the partnership of the world’s leading conference and association management companies today announced a leadership change.

Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno, Vice President, AIM Group International, and Carol McGury, EVP, SmithBucklin, will serve as the new Co-Chairs of INCON. They will be joined by Lior Gefland, CEO of Ortra, who will serve as Treasurer. Additionally, McGury will serve as INCON’s newly appointed Dean. She will lead INCON’s education program and annual University, which brings INCON team members together to cross-fertilise knowledge and experience.

Well-regarded industry experts, Roslyn McLeod OAM, Managing Director of Arinex, and Inge Hanser, Managing Director of CPO Hanser Service, are stepping down as Co-Chairs after a decade of valuable service to the partnership. Under Roslyn and Inge’s leadership, INCON has successfully achieved recognition as the premier global conference partnership, driving thought leadership in event trends and championing the quality of infrastructure in venues through the Global Digital Infrastructure Award.

"We are deeply grateful for the leadership of our outgoing Co-Chairs, Inge and Roslyn, who have provided enthusiasm, creativity, wisdom and a global network of contacts to the Partnership. We are delighted that they will remain on as active Board members in INCON," Buongiorno said.

After a decade of European/Australian leadership, INCON is transitioning to a transatlantic team, propelling INCON into future directions. INCON Partners look forward to the new leadership team driving and solidifying continued collaboration. INCON’s vision for the partnership is to generate more clients; foster best practice in client service; strengthen the collaboration with key meeting industry organisations; and further invest in INCON’s digital marketing engagement.

"This is such an exciting time for the events and meetings industry, and the collaboration through INCON provides world-class opportunities for all of our client organizations," said McGury. "Our continued focus on education will also help all of us deliver value to our attendees."


Press enquiries can be taken as follows:

Angela Guillemet, Executive Director, INCON

T: +353 86 311 40 67





INCON is a partnership of the world’s leading conference and association management companies. The partnership covers 170 destinations and employs a total of 3,500 staff. INCON has substantial purchasing power and organises more than 10,000 projects annually, serving 3 million plus delegates. Jerusalem CVB and Goyang CVB are INCON preferred suppliers.